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While using printer “Printer Does not print” issue is very common. If you use printer you can face this time of problem sometimes this error is might be due to the unavailability of printer driver. For using printer smoothly needs to fixed this problem as soon as possible. Underneath is a conversation on how to resolution the nonattendance of printer drivers for Windows OS and to stop printer driver battles. Additionally, you can visit for depth knowledge of Hp printer and their issue.

What Reasons Printer Driver Unavailable

When you come to distinguish that there is no driver for your printer, it is caused mostly due to two reasons.

  • Might be incorrect printer driver installed on your system.
  • It may be possible your installed printer driver is old version.

Underneath are a few ways to fix this issue.

How do I fix my printer driver is unavailable on Windows 10?

Update your Windows 10

“Driver is unavailable” error might be that your system is out of date. It is, thus, suggested that you install the obtainable Windows updates to resolve the issue.

Here’s we are discuss how to update Windows 10:

  • Go to Start icon and write “update”.
  • Choose Check for new updates.
  • If there are updates attainable, Windows will install them frequently.
  • Afterwards Windows has finished updating, reboot your computer.
  • And Now, attempt to print anything from your computer and check.

Reinstall printer driver

If you are still getting the “Driver is unavailable” fault, a lost or corrupted driver is the most possible reason behind the problem. Thus, uninstalling your current driver and fixing a new printer driver in its place necessity assistance you get free of the error.

Here’s we are discuss how to Reinstall your printer driver:

  • Tap Win + R to open RUN.
  • Write “devmgmt.msc” and tap OK.
  • Right-tap on your printer and choice Uninstall device.
  • Hit Uninstall to confirm.

Now, you can remain by penetrating for the right driver yourself and install it manually.

Ways to Prevent Printer Driver Conflicts

  • Use Universal Drivers
  • Prune the Driver Repository on a Regular Basis
  • Practice Printer Driver Isolation
  • Disallow Access to Printer Drivers
  • Separate Drivers Using Print Servers
  • Think Before Upgrading

For installing HP printer driver, you can visit This is the parental site of HP printer. If you want to download original printer driver you should definitely visit this site.

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